How to Present Your Essay: Guide

Are you a student looking forward to polishing your skills when it comes to essay writing? Look no further because this article is for you. An essay is part of the academic requirement that students must fulfill before graduating to face the outside world. Professors use papers to evaluate the understanding of the students on different concepts. They provide instructions students need to follow and give grades according to the efforts of students. But then, every student wants the best score. The question then arises, how do you present your essay for better grades? Read on to understand more.

Before anything, you must understand what an essay is and its purpose in your academic life. Once you know all these, then begin the task of crafting the essay. But before then, think of the topic the tutor has given you. Is it argumentative? Is it expository? Is it a narrative essay, or Is it a descriptive essay? Once you understand where your topic falls, you can now move on.

As you begin to write, remember the essay has three parts, the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. Each of these sections requires relevant ideas, according to the professor’s directions. Let us see what happens in each of the mentioned sections.

  • The beginning

An introduction plays a significant role in your paper. If it is poorly written, it will turn off the reader. Include self-explanatory sentences that won’t give the tutor a hard time. Again, as you write the introduction, your ideas should reflect the main topic.

Note: Many tutors will start marking your paper once they get to see it. This means that even if you include excellent points in the main body and write a poor intro, be sure to get poor grades.

  • The body of your essay

This is the second section of your essay. It is a section that carries strong points that supports the topic, highlighted in paragraphs. Do not miss ideas. Each paragraph should explain a single point. The ideas should flow freely in a clear structure. Just like the entire essay, paragraphs have their format as well. You must show the reader they are on to the next point. Include a signpost at the beginning of paragraphs to explain to the reader what you need to write about.

Note: When giving your points in paragraphs, you can get out of the context if you aren’t careful. That is why you must keep referring to the topic to maintain consistency.

  • The end of your essay

Finally, you must finish your essay with a conclusion. This section is usually brief as it sums everything up. Once you summarize the entire points, you give your overview and make the final say or judgment. Most students make some mistakes at the conclusion by repeating the ideas in the introduction. As much as it is a summary of everything, it must stay unique and presentable. Use appropriate wordings, and again, keep the ideas within the topic. Whatever you write, always check back at the subject or the thesis statement.

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