Your Ultimate Essay Writing Choice Fri, 21 Oct 2022 12:32:58 +0000 en-US hourly 1 32 32 Writing an Outstanding Scholarship Essay Tue, 08 Jun 2021 20:27:08 +0000 [Read more...]]]> Education plays a crucial role in the overall development and advancement of every sector of its economy. Thus, kids have to apply themselves and get an education to ensure that education gets a medium of getting expressed and applied to the benefit of the world’s advancement. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to afford the cost of education. Here is where scholarships come in.

Scholarships prove pivotal in encouraging students to learn and apply the acquired knowledge to make the world a better place. It facilitates the all-important tuition facility for economically disadvantaged or necessitous students and ensures that they get the financial freedom required to excel in their academic life. To obtain a scholarship opportunity, prospective or existing students must write an excellent scholarship essay to compel the institution issuing the facility into providing it.

So how can you go about writing the perfect essay for a scholarship application? What is the importance of your scholarship application piece?

Importance of Scholarship Essay in Securing Your Education Future

A scholarship essay entails an explanatory and persuasive writing piece aimed at arguing and substantiating the student’s eligibility to receive financial aid for educational purposes. It becomes essential to develop an excellent essay for your scholarship application to stand the best chance of securing your university’s study funding. For this reason, it plays a crucial role as an enabler to securing that coveted scholarship. Because of this, you have to comprehend the best way to write an excellent essay to secure that scholarship.

However, scholarship evaluation committees receive countless applications. With limited time to evaluate all of them, it becomes crucial to write a compelling piece to ensure a comprehensive reading and award of the academic, financial aid needed. For this reason, you have to ensure your essay is structured expertly and incorporates all the relevant details to stand a chance of qualifying for the scholarship. So how should you structure the scholarship essay?

An Outline for an Excellent Scholarship Essay

It would help if you became rigorous and conscientious to write a compelling, persuasive essay for your scholarship application. It has to contain comprehensive and compelling insights into your life’s highlights. As such, it should introduce your readers to the crucial milestones that characterize your capacity for getting the scholarship.

In most cases, you should limit your scholarship essay to five hundred words, though the length should rely on the achievements you must incorporate in the piece. Therefore, consider an outline with the below features.

  1. Introduction. It entails the beginning of your scholarship essay, and how you start will set the tone for the rest of the piece. Therefore ensure that your introduction proves as exciting as possible by starting with a catchy opening line to draw your audience into reading the whole article. Additionally, you have to make the piece formal by avoiding cliché phrases.
  2. Body. It contains the bulk of your train of thought and arguments. Therefore, introduce the audience smoothly to your reasons for applying for academic, financial aid. After that, illustrate your suitability as the best scholarship candidate before mentioning your achievements while in school. It becomes crucial also to incorporate the challenges faced and how you managed to overcome them. Further, add your career and education goals by stating your reason for picking the program, how you plan on attaining your objectives before completing the major. Finally, mention why getting financial assistance will help fulfill the professional and academic goals you have set yourself.
  3. Conclusion. Here, wrap everything up and avoid repeating things you have already mentioned.


An excellent essay for your scholarship application will give you the edge over your competitors. Therefore consider the guidelines provided to ensure you succeed.

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Fixing The Problem of Repetitive Words in Your Essays Tue, 08 Jun 2021 20:26:08 +0000 [Read more...]]]> Have you completed your essay, only to find that you’ve overused some of your favorite words? Don’t fret! We’re here to show you some other words that would work just as well.

Just like most people, you probably have a set vocabulary that you use over and over again. It is perfectly natural and usually not even noticeable. You’re most likely using these words for good reason, too – they fit just right in with what you are writing about and make it flow so smoothly no one wants to stop reading your essay.

But if overusing certain words keeps you from getting the grade you want, then it’s time to alter your strategy and choose new words to work in.

“It is boring and repetitive.”

“You are using the same words and phrases to describe different things.”

“You use the same words too much.”

“Your writing is dull and could use some more zest. Incorporate more vivid descriptions into your writing.”

“More precise word choice will greatly improve your grades.”

So how do you avoid using the same words over and over again? The trick here is to mix it up. Instead of using one or two words, try incorporating a few new ones into your composition as well.

By using a variety of different words, you keep the reader interested and more likely to finish reading your work. It is also crucial that the new words you pick are well-suited for your subject and do not overuse them.

Is there a problem with my writing?

It’s hard to tell with the above paragraph. Is it well written? Or does it sound dull and repetitive?

In the short answer, ‘yes’ – there is a problem with this writing. It doesn’t tell a story; it doesn’t have a consistent message throughout.

How to fix the problem of repetitive words and complex structures

If you do make the mistake of using complex words and phrases too many times in your writing, it will become a problem that is hard to solve. The best way to fix this problem is to constantly review your work and check for unnecessary repetition.

When you repeat yourself repeatedly in writing, even when making a different point, you are making it hard for your reader to understand what you’re trying to say.

Stop overusing Phrases and Words

One of the biggest mistakes that I have seen students make in their writing is overusing phrases and words.

By doing so, you create a wall of language that the reader cannot break through without editing. They become hard to read because their composition becomes complicated and difficult to understand.

So know when to cut out these phrases and words altogether. By doing so, your sentence will become more direct, simple, and understandable to the readers.

Use Synonyms

The use of synonyms is an excellent way to avoid overusing words in your writings. There are hundreds of synonyms that you can choose from, and they all have different meanings.

For example, if you want to use the word ‘power,’ you can always choose another synonym such as strength. Either word carries a different meaning, so you should choose one that fits better with what you’re trying to say in your writing.


In conclusion, it is crucial to use the right word in the right place. It is a skill that you have to develop over time.

One of the most challenging things about English and writing, in general, is knowing when to use the appropriate word in the right place. We know it’s a little vague, but I hope you get what I meant when I said that.

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Tips for Effective Essay Writing Tue, 08 Jun 2021 20:23:07 +0000 [Read more...]]]> Writing is a process that requires patience and dedication. To have a quality piece, you have to work extra hard. If you want to be an expert, you do not have to copy other people’s writing methods. You can use your form and still write an excellent paper. The content of an essay gets based on the assignment, the length, and many more. For you to be clear about what to write, you have to ask yourself several questions:

  • What is the subject?
  • What is the purpose of your paper?

There are stages that you should not skip when writing an essay. You need to plan yourself correctly, have several drafts then lastly revise your work. If you miss any of the steps, you will not write an outstanding paper.

Selecting a Topic

Many people get scared when it is time to select a topic. It can be confusing and stressful, but you will get the best if you follow the right procedure. The first thing you have to consider is going with a topic that interests you. There is no way you can choose a boring subject and expect to write an exciting process. You only enjoy the process when you go for something you love and understand. If you have no ideas, you can depend on different sources, and you will get what you want. Here are things you can do when you have no ideas;

  • Take your time and read the assignments attentively until you understand what gets required of you
  • You can get help from the professor
  • If you do not have any alternative, you can try a center tutor

Get Ideas through Free Writing

It is normal to be clueless about a topic. For you to have ideas, take your time and free write. You have to get a paper, sit down, and then write for a particular duration of time without stopping. Do not stop to correct any mistake. Continue writing without thinking about quitting. It will help you think fast and get new ideas.

Branching and Mapping

Most writers prefer this way to get ideas. It is similar to the first way, but it is a visual method where you organize thoughts on a piece of paper. To start:

  1. Write the main idea you have in the middle.
  2. Surround the other ideas with the main idea.
  3. Do not forget to draw a line that shows the connection. You will continue with the procedure until you get enough ideas for your paper.

If you find this method complicated, you can use another that will work correctly for you.

Limiting your Topic

When you select a topic, you have to think about the length of the paper you are supposed to write. You have to ensure that the ideas you have fit your piece. Do not go for a topic that will give you fewer ideas to write about because you will mess yourself up. You also cannot go for a broad topic if you have to write a short essay. Be careful with the topics you choose because they are the foundation of your paper. If you go for something extraordinary, you will have a hard time.

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Choosing a Persuasive Essay Topic Tue, 01 Jun 2021 11:29:00 +0000 [Read more...]]]> If you are a student, you will most definitely write an essay at some point in your academic life. However, writing a persuasive essay can be challenging regardless of your level of education. To write a persuasive essay, you need to consider a couple of things and derive a catchy statement that will lead the readers to the desired point. 

Suppose you do not know how to pick a decent subject for your convincing exposition or do not have the foggiest idea of moving toward a point given by your instructor. In that case, this article will provide you with some excellent enticing paper themes and a definite composing guide with specific advances.

The objective of influential composing is to convince the “uninvolved” or impartial crowd that specific thoughts are more substantial than others. If you are looking for a way to sort out your contention to attract readers to your perspective, you may think of yourself as a legal advisor who is contending in a courtroom. 

You need to stand firm on a particular issue and assemble a solid contention to prevail upon the audience. Your undertaking is to persuade your perusers to acknowledge a specific perspective or to make a specific move. 

Powerful composing is exceptionally basic, in actuality. For instance, individuals use influence in introductory letters attempting to persuade likely managers to employ them. You utilized components of influence in your affirmation exposition, attempting to dazzle confirmation officials and persuade them to concede you. 

Choosing an excellent persuasive topic

Picking a decent subject for a convincing exposition requires significant investment and exertion. If you need to dazzle your crowd, you ought to explore and discover disputable problems bantered in modern society. 

Ensure that your theme isn’t too wide even to consider making it sensible. It’s smarter to examine some particular issues, such as present-day schooling, innovation, and medical conditions. Such themes are frequently discussed on online media platforms, making your article relevant to your target audience. 

It is critical to pick a theme that you genuinely care about because you will probably appreciate composing. It makes it simpler to stand firm on a topic and shield your perspective. 

Ensure that the point is adequately intricate to address in your scholastic exposition and that it is fascinating to your crowd. You have no compelling reason to expound on something that no one often thinks about. Along these lines, they would advise you to expound on recent developments or the latest things. Then again, if your crowd is keen regarding your paper’s matter, you will have an easy time appealing to their feelings. 

Still not certain which subject to pick? View our short rundown of astonishing enticing paper themes. They apply to the present society and make certain to start your basic reasoning. Don’t hesitate to utilize them for motivation while choosing an appropriate topic.

  1. Can We Get Prepared for Global Warming?
  2. Should the government allow people to Keep Exotic Animals at Home? 
  3. Should Every Couple Think about Adopting a Child? 
  4. Can Money Make You Happy? 
  5. Can You Eat Healthy Without Learning to Cook? 
  6. Is Organic Food Worth the Higher Price? 
  7. Should Everyone Be Tested for Genetic Disorders? 
  8. Should Everyone Sign Up to Be a Donor for Organ Transplantation? 
  9. Is Genetic Engineering on Humans Good or Bad? 
  10. Is Eating Less the Best Way to Lose Weight? 
  11. Is It Important to Buy Local Food? 
  12. Would You Take Part in a Reality Television Show? Why? 
  13. If you were rich, which would be your preferred Charity? 
  14. What Is Better: To Be an Early Bird or a Night Owl? 
  15. Is the “American Dream” Attainable in the Contemporary Society? 
  16. Should Dangerous Professional Sports Be Banned? 
  17. Should Surveillance Without a Warrant Be Legal? 
  18. Should People Be Imprisoned When They Abandon Their Pets? 
  19. Have People Become Too Dependent on Technology? 
  20. Does Love Make Us Stupid? 
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How to Present Your Essay: Guide Tue, 01 Jun 2021 11:26:26 +0000 [Read more...]]]> Are you a student looking forward to polishing your skills when it comes to essay writing? Look no further because this article is for you. An essay is part of the academic requirement that students must fulfill before graduating to face the outside world. Professors use papers to evaluate the understanding of the students on different concepts. They provide instructions students need to follow and give grades according to the efforts of students. But then, every student wants the best score. The question then arises, how do you present your essay for better grades? Read on to understand more.

Before anything, you must understand what an essay is and its purpose in your academic life. Once you know all these, then begin the task of crafting the essay. But before then, think of the topic the tutor has given you. Is it argumentative? Is it expository? Is it a narrative essay, or Is it a descriptive essay? Once you understand where your topic falls, you can now move on.

As you begin to write, remember the essay has three parts, the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. Each of these sections requires relevant ideas, according to the professor’s directions. Let us see what happens in each of the mentioned sections.

  • The beginning

An introduction plays a significant role in your paper. If it is poorly written, it will turn off the reader. Include self-explanatory sentences that won’t give the tutor a hard time. Again, as you write the introduction, your ideas should reflect the main topic.

Note: Many tutors will start marking your paper once they get to see it. This means that even if you include excellent points in the main body and write a poor intro, be sure to get poor grades.

  • The body of your essay

This is the second section of your essay. It is a section that carries strong points that supports the topic, highlighted in paragraphs. Do not miss ideas. Each paragraph should explain a single point. The ideas should flow freely in a clear structure. Just like the entire essay, paragraphs have their format as well. You must show the reader they are on to the next point. Include a signpost at the beginning of paragraphs to explain to the reader what you need to write about.

Note: When giving your points in paragraphs, you can get out of the context if you aren’t careful. That is why you must keep referring to the topic to maintain consistency.

  • The end of your essay

Finally, you must finish your essay with a conclusion. This section is usually brief as it sums everything up. Once you summarize the entire points, you give your overview and make the final say or judgment. Most students make some mistakes at the conclusion by repeating the ideas in the introduction. As much as it is a summary of everything, it must stay unique and presentable. Use appropriate wordings, and again, keep the ideas within the topic. Whatever you write, always check back at the subject or the thesis statement.

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The Basic Sections of An Essay Tue, 01 Jun 2021 11:25:07 +0000 [Read more...]]]> It surprising that research papers are easier to write when they are in smaller categories. These same categories one can use to write other essay papers. Before you start to write an essay paper, you need to understand the components of an essay, article, paper, admission essay. 

Below are the smaller categories or sections of an essay. 


The most and basic sections of an essay include:

  1. Abstract
  2. Title
  3. Literature review
  4. Introduction.
  5. Results 
  6. Methods
  7. Bibliography/references
  8. Conclusion/discussion

So, let us explain the following elements in detail.


According to some students, it seems stupid to add a title as one of the most vital elements of an essay. But the fact is titles are significant when writing your research essays. For example, try to visualize the journals, articles, essays, books in the library. They usually are on the shelves and tables. These books are too many. How will you as a student know which book to pick? The only way that you will easily know the kind of book to pick is by knowing the title. If the titles do not capture your attention, you will skip them and look for another book. Titles express the significant points of your essay. So to all students, take your titles to be a serious matter.


It is the section that simplifies or summarizes your essay. Abstract basically must:

  • Confirm your objectives.
  • Explain the methods for capturing your information.
  • Condense your findings.
  • Look for research deductions.


It is the section where you put your thesis, and it rationalizes your essay. It also elucidates why your essay is very relevant. It is a section that is very crucial because it dictates the flow of your essay. You do not need to put specifics at this stage. Leave this part for the body. All you have to do for this part is to make sure that you make this section very interesting.

Literature review

It is the section that the writer focuses on the present publications that are online with the topic. It is the part where you analyze or evaluate other people’s work.


It is the section where you show how you are conducting your research, and you also put the techniques you are using to carry out your research. You must detail them sharply and also rationalize them. The person who is reading your work must have the ability to “copy” your methods and must find it easy to follow your methods when they want to perform the same experiment. Do not hesitate for once to use more paper than you expect. Logic and clarity are crucial.


Please do not include your personal opinions; make sure you put down your results but don’t elucidate them. We recommend that you use tables and graphics. This illustration will help your audience to imagine or visualize what you are passing to them. But do not just use only graphics and tables to work on your findings.


Now here you get to talk about your results and the effects. And also explain or show how it(results) connect to the thesis. You can also acquire your deductions from previous studies and connect your interpretations.


Once you finish writing these sections, your paper will now be complete. When writing this part, your part. You have to write the references in alphabetical order. The easiest way to get the bibliography is by jotting down the books or sources you are getting your information from. Jot them down as soon you are using them.


All essays will have this kind of outline, whether the essay is simple or very complex.

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Animal Bill of Eights Essay Sample and Tips Thu, 04 Jun 2020 13:30:05 +0000 [Read more...]]]> This type of essay requires lots of research. You must have a deep understanding of the laws that concern animals. Your animal bill of rights essay can be a debate about animal rights. This guide will highlight a sample of what is expected from you on your paper. If you need writing help, you can easily find a professional at IBuyEssay to help you at a cheap rate.

How To Write An Animal Bill Of Rights Essay Sample

Animals are regularly mistreated by people around the world. Animals have been hunted and killed. They have been used for games or entertainment. Over the years many animal rights movements have been formed. These groups are looking for ways to protect the rights of animals. At some point, laws have been implemented to protect the rights of animals. Despite this, people who protect the rights of animals are still proposing that more laws are established to protect animals. They have called for the establishment of an animal bill of rights.

But won’t this mean asking for too much? Let’s put it this way, these animal rights activists are proposing this because animals are always first in line for scientific experiments. They fear that animals are harmed because of this. Let’s not forget that there are also experiments that are harmless to animals. Here is an example of such experiments, according to one study by Jeremy Rifkin published via his article on “A Change of Heart about Animals”, in controlled researches, Oxford University scientists found that birds were not harmed. This result was realized in two crows. The birds were tested with two tools including, a hook wire and square wire.

Per the report, the researchers were only studying the behavior of the birds. One thing that must be pointed out is that before any experiments are carried out on animals, the research must be certified as non-evasive. It must not cause any direct harm to the animals involved. Since there are proven ways to conduct safe experiments on animals, then fighting for additional legislation for this issue is uncalled for. Instead, activists should be pushing for the implementation of safer techniques for conducting experiments on animals. Even if asking for more legislation to stop experimentation on animals is uncalled for, fighting for better laws over hunting and harmful entertainment with animals shouldn’t be overlooked. For example, it is cruel to kill animals for entertainment or hunt certain animals down for meat or sport. Citing the article “Hooked on a Myth” published by Victoria Braithwaite, yearly, sportsmen drag countless numbers of fish to shore using barbed hooks. This harms the animals in question and should be kicked against.

Finally, there are already animal protection laws in play. The chief concern of activists and all parties involved should be enforcing these laws so that offenders wouldn’t go unpunished. This is why we all need to stand up for the animals.

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How To Write An Essay on Discipline in School Thu, 04 Jun 2020 13:15:13 +0000 [Read more...]]]> Discipline in school has been a subject of debate for a while now. How can you argue for or against the implementation of disciplinary measures in school? Start your paper like you would when writing an argumentative essay. Get some research. Pick a side and get research to work with and create your outline. Here are some topic ideas to help you get started:

  1. Why is discipline important in schools today? Discipline is the main backbone of character. No one can achieve greatness without a level of discipline. Discipline is best instilled in children and is often acquired from the environment and home training. This is why children must be taught discipline early in life. His manners, habits, speeches, and movement must be guided so the child can develop a great personality.
  2. What is the link between discipline and happiness? In our lives, we have to adhere to several kinds of discipline. Some include waking up in the morning and taking a glass of water. When you go to brush your teeth or take your bath you are forms of discipline. Without these small acts, our lives would be more difficult than they should be.
  3. Discipline in nature, how does it happen? Discipline is also a part of nature and this enforces its need in schools. For instance, the sun rises and sets at a certain time and evening never misses a day. The rivers flow and don’t stop no matter what. If these elements can be discipline, why shouldn’t schools enforce discipline?
  4. Self-discipline and induced discipline: which is more effective in schools? Self-discipline is often found in older children, but induced discipline is still essential in schools to ensure that the students lead healthy lives in the future. For instance, a child that lacks discipline is more likely to be obese and make wrong life choices which may impact his/her quality of life in the future.
  5. What are some effective disciplinary measures for classroom management? Managing problematic students can be challenging for teachers and other students. Two types of disciplinary measures have been effective in combating such negative behavior in class. Negative reinforcement and punishment are useful in stopping the problem upfront. Positive reinforcement of good behavior has been proven to be even more effective in teaching kids better and more functional behaviors.

These are some topics for your paper. After picking one to work with, you can finish your outline and start writing the essay. Remember to structure it properly into three parts. Your introductory part, body, and conclusion are not negotiable if you want a good grade on your essay. Be sure to include all the information that can convince your readers. If you cannot find enough to work with, you can get writing help from a professional. Such services are usually cheap and affordable. Also, proofread your essay properly to avoid spelling errors and mistakes.

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