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How To Write An Animal Bill Of Rights Essay Sample

Animals are regularly mistreated by people around the world. Animals have been hunted and killed. They have been used for games or entertainment. Over the years many animal rights movements have been formed. These groups are looking for ways to protect the rights of animals. At some point, laws have been implemented to protect the rights of animals. Despite this, people who protect the rights of animals are still proposing that more laws are established to protect animals. They have called for the establishment of an animal bill of rights.

But won’t this mean asking for too much? Let’s put it this way, these animal rights activists are proposing this because animals are always first in line for scientific experiments. They fear that animals are harmed because of this. Let’s not forget that there are also experiments that are harmless to animals. Here is an example of such experiments, according to one study by Jeremy Rifkin published via his article on “A Change of Heart about Animals”, in controlled researches, Oxford University scientists found that birds were not harmed. This result was realized in two crows. The birds were tested with two tools including, a hook wire and square wire.

Per the report, the researchers were only studying the behavior of the birds. One thing that must be pointed out is that before any experiments are carried out on animals, the research must be certified as non-evasive. It must not cause any direct harm to the animals involved. Since there are proven ways to conduct safe experiments on animals, then fighting for additional legislation for this issue is uncalled for. Instead, activists should be pushing for the implementation of safer techniques for conducting experiments on animals. Even if asking for more legislation to stop experimentation on animals is uncalled for, fighting for better laws over hunting and harmful entertainment with animals shouldn’t be overlooked. For example, it is cruel to kill animals for entertainment or hunt certain animals down for meat or sport. Citing the article “Hooked on a Myth” published by Victoria Braithwaite, yearly, sportsmen drag countless numbers of fish to shore using barbed hooks. This harms the animals in question and should be kicked against.

Finally, there are already animal protection laws in play. The chief concern of activists and all parties involved should be enforcing these laws so that offenders wouldn’t go unpunished. This is why we all need to stand up for the animals.

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How To Write An Essay on Discipline in School Thu, 04 Jun 2020 13:15:13 +0000 [Read more...]]]> Discipline in school has been a subject of debate for a while now. How can you argue for or against the implementation of disciplinary measures in school? Start your paper like you would when writing an argumentative essay. Get some research. Pick a side and get research to work with and create your outline. Here are some topic ideas to help you get started:

  1. Why is discipline important in schools today? Discipline is the main backbone of character. No one can achieve greatness without a level of discipline. Discipline is best instilled in children and is often acquired from the environment and home training. This is why children must be taught discipline early in life. His manners, habits, speeches, and movement must be guided so the child can develop a great personality.
  2. What is the link between discipline and happiness? In our lives, we have to adhere to several kinds of discipline. Some include waking up in the morning and taking a glass of water. When you go to brush your teeth or take your bath you are forms of discipline. Without these small acts, our lives would be more difficult than they should be.
  3. Discipline in nature, how does it happen? Discipline is also a part of nature and this enforces its need in schools. For instance, the sun rises and sets at a certain time and evening never misses a day. The rivers flow and don’t stop no matter what. If these elements can be discipline, why shouldn’t schools enforce discipline?
  4. Self-discipline and induced discipline: which is more effective in schools? Self-discipline is often found in older children, but induced discipline is still essential in schools to ensure that the students lead healthy lives in the future. For instance, a child that lacks discipline is more likely to be obese and make wrong life choices which may impact his/her quality of life in the future.
  5. What are some effective disciplinary measures for classroom management? Managing problematic students can be challenging for teachers and other students. Two types of disciplinary measures have been effective in combating such negative behavior in class. Negative reinforcement and punishment are useful in stopping the problem upfront. Positive reinforcement of good behavior has been proven to be even more effective in teaching kids better and more functional behaviors.

These are some topics for your paper. After picking one to work with, you can finish your outline and start writing the essay. Remember to structure it properly into three parts. Your introductory part, body, and conclusion are not negotiable if you want a good grade on your essay. Be sure to include all the information that can convince your readers. If you cannot find enough to work with, you can get writing help from a professional. Such services are usually cheap and affordable. Also, proofread your essay properly to avoid spelling errors and mistakes.

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