Can Money Buy Happiness Essay

To write this type of essay, you need to help your reader to pick a side by presenting some facts that support or are against the subject. What is happiness and what is the role of money is providing the same? This is one of the crucial questions you should answer in your essay. You can do some research to find information to back up your position on the matter. Here is a sample of the paper below.

How To Write A “Can Money Buy Happiness Essay”?

Will you be happy in a big mansion with a luxury car, indoor pool and more? Or is your happiness tied to love, relationships, freedom or self-realization? Two sets of people believe that money cannot buy happiness. They include people who have lots of money and still cannot find happiness and people who have never had a lot of money.

Is happiness pleasure? Is there a difference between the two? Happiness has several definitions for different people. The things that make some people happy make others unhappy. However ultimate happiness has one definition. It is defined as a state of constant bliss. It comes from making others happy and cannot be bought with material things like money.

What about needs and wants? How do they come in when considering whether money brings happiness? Every human has basic needs that are necessary for survival such as clothes, food, shelter among other things. In a modern world, education, electricity, transport and money are also needs. When such needs are met, a person may still not be satisfied. This shows that wants do not end and it means that the person may never be happy if he tries to amass all those items.

Having ambition is a great driving force to achieving a comfortable life. But greed and selfishness can easily creep in and this doesn’t bring happiness in any way. You can toil for years to buy something and lose zeal for it when you get it eventually.

While it is true that money is important, you must not forget what true happiness brings. For instance, if you are on a trip with your family, the goal is the journey, not the destination. This journey with your family symbolizes happiness and you need fuel to move the vehicle. This fuel is money. Money is necessary to run a home and it can be difficult for a person to survive without it.

Even though money is an important part of our lives today, we cannot survive without it. This is why money should not be a source of your happiness. It can buy pleasure but not happiness. Whatever joy it gives doesn’t last forever. Aim for real happiness that comes from helping others, teaching, spending time with loved ones.

This sample shows how you can write this type of paper. There are several other topics to consider for this type of essay. If you need writing help, you can find academic writing professional to assist you at a cheap rate.